Pronounced "effect"

Affect is a disability-led effort to create resources that amplify multiply marginalized people of color and embody disability justice.

About our work
Collage of 2 previous awardees

Active Project

Community Care Awards

The Community Care Awards is a new fund created to honor BIPOC who’ve long been engaging in grassroots community care work.

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Collage of 3 Black people speaking in mics

Past Project

Affect Conf

Affect Conf was an annual 2-day conference plus group volunteering event that took place in Portland, Oregon from 2016-2018. If you didn’t catch it before, we still have videos and transcripts and resources for putting together accessible events.

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Support Affect

Individual donations are huge for our small org and go towards compensating collaborators, making our work accessible, and bringing projects to life.

Funds are processed through our fiscal sponsor, 501(c)(3) Open Collective Foundation, and thus tax-deductible!