Community Care Awards

Affect has created the Community Care Awards, a new fund honoring BIPOC for the grassroots work they do within their communities.

Thanks to a generous donor, we’ll be giving $500 awards to at least 5 BIPOC.

Recognizing BIPOC labor

Multiply marginalized BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) have a long history of providing communal care and moving everyone towards collective liberation. Unfortunately, this labor often goes unrecognized.

The Community Care Awards are a small way of giving thanks to our community organizers and caretakers. We’re asking people to nominate each other, so that the process can be participatory and save awardees a bit of extra work.

Traditional grants often require proof of need and impact, whereas our awards will be given as long as funds are available and the nominee is eligible and accepting.


The person you’re nominating should be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A multiply marginalized BIPOC
  • Living in Oregon or Washington state
  • Working within their own community

Multiply marginalized: in addition to racial inequality, they experience marginalization through gender, sexual orientation, disability or chronic illness (including mental illness), and/or religion.

Award process

  • Awardees will be notified with a preliminary email about their nomination.
  • Since there were more nominations than available awards, we are prioritizing Black and Indigenous folx and people with non-traditional backgrounds.
  • If a nominee chooses to receive the award, they will be asked to create an account via Open Collective, our fiscal sponsor. Open Collective disburses funds through PayPal and electronic bank payment.
  • Awards will be given on a rolling basis through December 2021.

Nomination-worthy work

Types of community care that we’d love to award:

  • Online / social media education in the form of Twitter threads, Instagram posts, YouTube or TikTok videos, etc.
  • Community documentation / safety work
  • Grassroots organizing / peer support
  • Social justice crowdfunding / fundraising
  • Mutual aid / direct aid
  • Volunteer work with social justice nonprofits


Nominations closed on Monday, December 13, 2021, 6pm Pacific. Thanks to everyone who participated!

We’re working through the last nominees and will give out 6 awards total, thanks to additional donations.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I help expand the reach of this fund?

    Absolutely! Donations are very welcome. Plus, they’re tax-deductible and processed through our fiscal sponsor, 501(c)(3) Open Collective Foundation.

  • Is this award considered taxable income?

    Recipients can choose between a taxable or tax exempt award! An award’s tax exemption will be filed separately for each individual and involves a grant contract, information about award usage, and longer processing times.

  • I’m the person nominating someone else. What should I expect?

    You should get an automated email confirming your submission, and we’ll post an overall update on this page in January 2022.

Have more questions or need some help? Please email