Pronounced ”effect“

Affect’s mission is to catalyze social change through education, connection, and collaboration. We create media campaigns and resources to amplify multiply-marginalized folx who’re working in and for their own communities.

Our history so far

  • July 2015 Started as Affect Conf, LLC
  • Oct 2016 First annual Affect Conf
  • Apr 2017 Became a sponsored project under 501(c)(3) Allied Media Projects
  • Sept 2018 Held 3rd / last Affect Conf
    • 34 speakers paid, 61 scholarships distributed, 16.5 hours volunteered for local nonprofits
  • Dec 2018 Dropped “Conf” from our name
  • Mar 2019 First Disabled And Here photo shoot


Elea Chang is a disability justice advocate, community organizer, and hand letterer in Portland, Oregon. She previously worked for Upworthy and Besides launching Affect projects, Elea tries to make events more accessible and is a member of the Collins Foundation Advisory Committee. She can also be found tweeting around the internets.