Pronounced ”effect“

Affect started as a community conference examining social change. It is now a project with 2 programs: Disabled And Here, an interview and stock image series celebrating disabled BIPOC; and the Community Care Awards, small award grants given through community nominations.

Affect is a disability-led effort to amplify multiply marginalized people of color and embody disability justice. Our work has been widely adopted and used by various orgs and publications, including, Psychology Today, Disability Rights Oregon, and BBC News.

Historical highlights

  • July 2015 Started as Affect Conf, LLC
  • Oct 2016 First annual Affect Conf
  • Apr 2017 Became fiscally sponsored by Allied Media Projects
  • Sept 2018 Last Affect Conf
    • In 3 years: 34 speakers paid, 61 scholarships distributed, 10 group volunteer projects completed
  • Dec 2018 Dropped “Conf” from our name
  • Apr 2019 First Disabled And Here photo shoot
  • June 2019 Disabled And Here’s stock collection went live
  • Apr 2020 Opened a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund
    • $950 distributed to disabled BIPOC Oregonians
  • Nov 2020 Transferred fiscal sponsorship to Open Collective Foundation
  • Mar 2021 Added illustrations to Disabled And Here’s stock collection
  • Nov 2021 Started the Community Care Awards
    • $3000 distributed to Black and Indigenous community carers
  • Dec 2021 Disabled And Here hits 100
    • With 5 new illustrations, our stock collection grew to 100 images
  • July 2022 Restarted Disabled And Here photo shoots
  • Apr 2024 New fiscal sponsor: the SPM Disability Justice Fund
    • In March, Open Collective Foundation announced their dissolution


Elea Chang is a genderfluid Taiwanese disability justice advocate and lettering artist in Portland, Oregon. Elea serves on Equi Institute’s Community Guidance Council and has been published in Rooted in Rights and the Disability Visibility Project.