Pronounced ”effect“

Affect creates resources to amplify and support multiply-marginalized folx working in and for their own communities.

History so far

  • July 2015 Started as Affect Conf, LLC
  • Oct 2016 First annual Affect Conf
  • Apr 2017 Became a sponsored project under 501(c)(3) Allied Media Projects
  • Sept 2018 Held 3rd / last Affect Conf
    • 34 speakers paid, 61 scholarships distributed, 10 group volunteer projects completed
  • Dec 2018 Dropped “Conf” from our name
  • Apr 2019 First Disabled And Here photo shoot
  • June 2019 Disabled And Here’s stock collection went live


Elea Chang (she/they) is a disability justice advocate, community organizer, and hand lettering artist in Portland, Oregon. Her work has appeared in Rooted in Rights, the Disability Visibility Project, and Model View Culture. Elea can also be found tweeting around the internets.