January 30, 2022

Community Care Awards 2021 wrap-up

In November, Affect began accepting nominations for our first-ever Community Care awards. Thanks to an anonymous donor, we started with a pool of $2500, which ensured $500 awards for 5 multiply marginalized BIPOC.

Nominations closed mid-December, and by the end of the month, generous individuals expanded the fund to $3000, allowing us to have 6 Community Care awardees.

Meet the awardees

Our last two Community Care awardees chose to remain anonymous and received $500 for grassroots organizing and nonprofit volunteering, respectively.

Behind the scenes retrospective

Affect was able to offer an additional award on top of the initial 5, but we ran into various delays during this Community Care awards cycle.

Since the process was nomination-based, and people didn’t directly apply for their awards, we had to reach out to nominees largely through cold emails. Sometimes we had to solicit help from nominators before we got a response from nominees. We contacted 8 out of 21 nominees and were able to complete the payments process with 6 awardees.

The majority of our time and effort was spent in helping awardees navigate our fiscal sponsor’s payment platform (and paperwork, in the case of the awardee who chose a tax-exempt award). The fastest an awardee received their $500 was within a week, and the longest took 5 weeks.

Not everyone had ready access to internet or data plans, and we were able to provide in-person technical support for 2 awardees while following safe COVID-19 practices. Besides email, video and phone communication were also offered to every nominee.

Because nominees are already busy supporting community members, they generally have less capacity for organizational procedures, and we did our best to meet everyone where they were.

What’s next

As a disability-led organization, our first priority is to rest for a bit before starting new fundraising and project expansions.

Ideally, we’d raise $3200 before opening a new cycle of Community Care Awards at the end of the year. This would allow us to give away 6 more Community Care Awards and provide a stipend to cover the administrative work involved. If you’d like to support Affect, we’re always accepting and incredibly grateful for donations!

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