Disabled And Here Call for QTBIPOC

Disabled And Here is calling for queer & trans BIPOC couples to photograph and feature in interviews! We are a disability-led project, centering disabled Black, Indigenous, people of color and creating images by and for us.

Collage of disabled QTBIPOC holding Pride flags and being intimate

What we’re looking for

The theme of this shoot is a park date! Featuring disabled BIPOC queers being sweet and coupley.

We want to capture you as you are, modeling your own mobility aids if you’ve got them, working those accessibility / chronic pain life hacks, and just being your fantastic relationshippy selves amongst nature and the outdoors.

We ask that you:

  • send in a joint application as a disabled BIPOC LGBTQIA+ couple
  • be at least 18 years old
  • live around the Portland, Oregon metro area
  • are available to travel onsite for the photo shoot (the interview can be done remotely)

And by ”disabled,“ we mean...

Invisible disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, and self-diagnoses are all valid. Disability is a wide spectrum and people experience it in various forms!

Shoot details

  • Participants will each be paid $400.
  • The photographs will become part of Disabled And Here’s free stock image collection, with Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licensing.
  • Since we’re shooting outdoors, we’re dependent on good weather. Right now, we’re aiming for one of these times:
    • Thurs, June 8 late morning
    • sometime early August
  • The shoot will be no more than three hours, with at least two breaks in between.
  • The specific location will be decided based on participants’ access needs.
  • We have travel funds set aside ($50 max per person) to help folks get to and from the shoot.
  • No flash photography involved.

COVID-safe practices

  • Rapid COVID tests are required for everyone involved in the shoot, whether folks are in front or behind the camera.
  • Everyone behind the camera will be masked.
  • We can provide rapid COVID tests and N95/KN-95 masks for all participants.

Disabled And Here application

Closed for now!